Assam’s MLA invokes to bring Coochbehar’s Madhupurdham on tourism map

BJP MLA from Golakganj of Assam Ashwani Rai has called on the chief minister of the state to announce Madhupurdham of Cooch Behar in the tourist map of West Bengal. On Friday, he came to participate in a government program in Madhupurdham in Coochbehar.

It is known that after sacrificing body by Shankar Dev in Madhuppur, a temple was constructed by the Assam government, which is operated by the Assam government. Today, the Governor of Assam, Jagdish Mukhi, came to visit Madhupurdham and to audit the auditorium and kitchen of the house. The construction of auditorium and kitchen is being done by the Assam Government at Madhupur with the cost of Rs.1.13 crore.

Golakgunj’s MLA Ashwani Rai Sarkar was also present with the Governor. He said that Shankar Dev, the propagator of Vaishnavism, had sacrificed his body in Madhupurdham. A lot of people come here from all over the country. If this place is included in the tourism map of the state, then more people will come here.

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