Armed Rally Hits N.Dinajpur's Streets, Demands Justice For Deceased Rape-Victim

An armed rally hit the streets of North Dinajpur today as they demanded death sentences for the people who are responsible for gang-raping and killing a tribal minor.

According to reports, the initiative of the rally was taken by the Adiwasi Samanvay Committee on the national highway 34 of the Bottlebari area in Karandighi, North Dinajpur. Along with this, a platform was constructed where a public meeting was held after the demonstration.

The deceased tribal girl, who was a resident of Karandighi's Kadirganj Village, had been dragged out of her house on November 4 and was gang-raped in a garden before she was murdered.

Students had also taken their protests to the streets as they demanded justice for the deceased tribal girl. The police had commenced an investigation which had led to the arrest of four men.

Today, the armed rally walked in Kadirganj, Baliyamore and Bottlebari's NH 34. A huge police force had been posted in the area in light of the demonstrations.

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