Antique items buried under soil in Gosanimari of Coochbehar recovered

Antique items buried under the soil in Gosanimari of Dinhatta of Coochbehar has been recovered. On Monday, Ajit Burman, a farmer from Gosanimari area, was digging a pit in his farm, when he saw various ancient vessels buried under the soil.

Gosanimari is a very old place of Coochbehar. According to historians, Khem King ruled in the fifteenth century in Gosanimari. Before this, members of the Archaeological Survey of India had recovered a number of antiques and sculptures in mining operations from this area. Now, after getting information about recovering ancient materials again in the area, Dinhatta police arrived there.

In this regard, information has been given to the Archaeological Survey of India. It is known that experts of the Archaeological Survey of India will go to the Gosanimari region. Here, many people have gathered to see the ancient utensils lying in the house of Ajit Burman yesterday.

Locals said that earlier also in Gosanimari, such antiques have been recovered, which were later taken to Coochbehar, but now the people want the newly discovered materials to be preserved in the Gosanimari museum. Today the administrative officer from Coochbehar also went to Gosanimari.

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