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Antarctica expedition member hails Sikkim’s green mission

Sikkim works towards positive climate. (File)

Member of an expedition to the Antarctica, Pradeep Karuturi has complimented the climate positive work initiated by Sikkim.

The climate change enthusiast having gone to Antarctica recently on an Expedition said, “I felt great happiness in sharing that Sikkim became an organic state to the International team of 30 different nations.”

Karuturi was part of a two-week Expedition to the Antarctica in March 2016 organised by international antarctic explorer Robert Swan.

“I’m moved and written letter to Sikkim government from Antarctica congratulating all of you for the work you are doing for the planet. I have posted it from the southern most city of the world Ushuaia,” Karuturi said in a message to the state, according to press release issued by the Press Secretary, Sikkim MP, P D Rai.

He wanted to come to Sikkim to study the climate positive work that is being undertaken by the Chief Minister, Pawan Chamling-led government and the people.

“Ice melting is happening very rapidly in Antarctica and I believe climate change is the biggest issue that we need to take action immediately. I believe Sikkim is a hope for the rest of the country that we need to use our science and technology on par with nature not against nature,” the release quoted him as saying.

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