Angry merchants shut down Siliguri’s Nayabazar in view of recurring Income tax surveys

The Siliguri Merchants Association members, agitated at the continous survey from Income Tax Department in Siliguri Nayabazar, closed down the entire market today.

Nayabazaar’s traders are protesting by shutting down the whole market. Secretary of Siliguri Merchants Association Gaurishankar Goyal has alleged that this is the sixth survey from income tax department in the last 7 days. Our business partners are always paying their tax on time, despite which they are being harassed repeatedly in the name of the survey.

Today, the traders in Nayabazaar have started the agitation by completely shutting down the entire market. Mr Goyal said that we are not obstructing the work of the officers of the Income Tax Department, but we oppose this. The traders were seen shouting slogans in the market.

It is being told that the Income Tax Department had started the survey in two establishments in Nayabazaar, Siliguri, after which the traders got into a fury.

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