An Anti-NRC journey to commence in Siliguri tomorrow

Siliguri, 14th November: The Co-ordinator of the Joint Forum Against NRC informed that an Anti-NRC journey will commence in Siliguri, on Friday, on behalf of the Joint Forum Against NRC.

According to sources, around 50 to 60 people will journey on a bus from Sukna, tomorrow. The journey will commence from Sukna to the Baghajatin Park, where MLA Ali Rahman Ramaz and CPI leader Kanhaiya Kumar will address the people against the NRC in the Baghajatin club hall in the evening. Both of them will mainly give their statements on the problems arising from NRC.

According to the information received, the Anti-NRC journey started in Kolkata from August 15th. The Joint Forum Against NRC will stage the journey from North Bengal to South Bengal. A public conference is being organized in Siliguri, on Friday, along with the commencement of the Anti-NRC journey.

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