Ambulance driver accused of misbehaving and threatening nurse

An ambulance driver has been accused and charged with misbehaving with a nurse after entering the Cooch Behar Government Medical College Hospital during the night. After this incident the doctors and the hospital staff are feeling insecure for themselves. The doctor of the hospital, Debhrat Sah, said that on Sunday night, a nurse in the hospital had gone to see the patient in the women’s department. At the same time an ambulance driver abused the said nurse. He also threatened to kill her.

After this, when the nurse told the guard in connection with this incident, he did not extend any help to the nurse. In this connection, Rajeev Prasad, Superintendent of Police, Government Medical College – said that an ambulance driver came from Dinhata with the patient. He went straight to the patient’s room and began to abuse the nurse under the influence of alchohol.

An attempt is being made to identify the accused. At the same time, a written complaint has also been filed in Kotwali police station regarding this incident.

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