Allegations of stopping Indian trucks at Fulbari border again

Siliguri, 2nd October: Fulbari Truck Owners Association Secretary, Raju Das, has alleged that the Boulder trucks, under the association, have not been allowed to travel to Bangladesh. It was reported that, earlier, Raju Das had alleged Abdul Khalek, a member of Fulbari-2 Gram Panchayat, of doing the same. Raju Das stated that if the administration does not take any appropriate steps, then, they will sit on a 'fast unto death' strike.

The Fulbari Truck Owners Association has alleged that all these events are occurring in Fulbari only with the help of the ruling party and the Police administration. The Bhutan trucks have been allowed to travel to Bangladesh from the Fulbari border for a long time, while, the Indian trucks are stopped. Meanwhile, when the State Tourism Minister, Goutam Deb, was informed by the organization, about the incident, he stated that he would arrange a meeting regarding the entire situation after Durga Puja.

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