Allegations of patients death due to negligence in treatment, doctor assaulted, damage caused

Due to negligence in the treatment, relatives of the patient assaulted the doctor by accusing him of killing a patient. Due to this incident, there was a situation of unrest in Darjeeling Sadar Hospital.

Dipika Thami (26) resident of Mangalpuri of Darjeeling was admitted to Darjeeling Sadar Hospital due to labor pains on January 16. On Saturday evening, Deepika felt the pain again, after which the doctor was called. But the charges are that the doctor did not come.

About 1 hour later, the hospital nurses took the patient to the labor room, where both the mother and the child died due to childbirth. After the incident, there was a lot of chaos in the hospital. Along with the damage that was caused in the hospital, there is an allegation that the family members of the patient also beat up the doctor P Udden.

Meanwhile the police reached the hospital after receiving the information and got the situation under control. In this regard, Dr Sekat Pradhan, Superintendent of Darjeeling Sadar Hospital said that the patient was already unhealthy. She died on Saturday after her condition worsened.

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