Alipurduar doctors stop work after misbehaving with doctor in Alipurduar District Hospital

The doctorss stopped the service today for allegations of misbehaving with a working doctor at the Alipurduar District Hospital. From Monday morning all other services were closed except the Indoor Service.

It is known that two days ago, a woman was admitted in the delivery department of Alipurduar District Hospital. On Sunday, the doctor was given information that all of a sudden there was pain in her abdomen. After this the doctor came and administered her the injection. It is alleged that even after the injection the pain of the woman did not ease and it is alleged that around 7:30 in the evening, when the doctor came to see the woman, the woman’s husband started an argument with the doctor.

The allegation is that the doctor was also assaulted. It is being said that the woman’s husband is in the position of a constable with the West Bengal Police. Hospital management called the police after the incident. At 8 o’clock, in this regard, the physicians of the hospital held a meeting. After the meeting, a complaint was lodged by Alipurduar District Hospital management in Alipurdwar police station regarding this incident.

Hospital superintendent Chinmaya Barman said that we condemn this incident of misbehavior with the doctor of the hospital. With this, all the doctors have decided to keep the work off. The arrest of the accused has been demanded. The matter is under discussion. At the same time, efforts are also made to keep the services in the hospital’s outdoor department inherently.

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