After filling stomach with food, thief steal cylinders

A theft case has surfaced in Hatiadanga that is adjacent to Siliguri. The thieves stole two cylinders from a house here, but before executing the incident, the thief sat down in the kitchen and filled his stomach with the food available. The thief first got in the kitchen, and then started eating the fish and rice kept there and then dissappeared with two cylinders.

Due to Mahalaya on Monday, special dishes were made in Majumdar family living in Siliguri adjacent Hatiadanga. A little food was kept away to be eaten in the night, which was covered and kept in the kitchen. On Tuesday morning, a member of the house, Deepika Majumdar, noticed that there was a soiled plate lying in the kitchen and utensils were emptied. After this she noticed that the two cylinders were also missing and thats when they realised that the thieves ate their food first and disappeared with the cylinders.

As soon as the incident was heard, people from nearby neighborhood came immediately. Everyone was laughing at the thief's execution. Here, the Majumdar family is very upset with the cylinder theft. At present, the price of domestic gas cylinders in the market is very high, and in this case theft of two cylinders does matter. The Majumdar family suspects that in this incident, a person from the area could be involved.

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