Advocates protest against demolition of stage during dharna in Siliguri

In the demand for the construction of the court building, the protest was organized by the members of the Siliguri Bar Association at the Siliguri court premises by putting up a protest stage.

The allegation is that on Saturday night, the said stage was dismantled on behalf of the Public Works Department as per the district administration's instructions. As soon as the news was received, all the lawyers reached the spot and started protesting against two officers surrounding them. It is alleged that shoes were also shown to them. Later, Siliguri police reached the spot and pulled out the two officials from there.

After getting information about this incident, the district collector of Darjeeling, Jayshee Dasgupta, reached the court, then the members of the Bar Association sorrounded her also and started protesting. Later, the situation was bought under control after the District Administrator assured to put up the stage again on Sunday morning. Meanwhile all the lawyers were seen condemning the act of breaking down the stage in the middle of the night.

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