Accusations raised for scamming crores of rupees in the name of providing TIN numbers

Siliguri, 03rd December: Allegations have been raised of robbing Toto drivers by giving false assurance. The victim e-rickshaw drivers have filed a complaint against the fraudster at the Pradhan Nagar Police station, on Monday.

In order to control the ever-increasing number of Totos in Siliguri, the State Government arranged a TIN number. A registration number for the Totos were also arranged. Thousands of Totos became illegal in the process. A scam of lakhs of rupees has come to light in the name of providing TIN numbers to these illegal Toto.

A memorandum was submitted by the Pradhan Nagar Toto Welfare Association at the Pradhan Nagar Police Station, on Monday. The members of the organization stated that BJP had assured to provide a TIN numbers during a meeting in Ward No. 45, a month ago.

Also, it was informed that the Totos, which had been scrapped because of not having a TIN, would receive an amount of 50 thousand rupees. Furthermore, the Totos with TIN, which had been scrapped, would be provided with 2 lakh rupees by the government. It was further stated that if the Police seize any Totos from the road, then the Identity Card would help the drivers to release the Totos easily. It was informed that each driver had paid an amount of 130 rupees for the card. It has been alleged that photographs of Narendra Modi were used in the Identity Card.

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