Accusations of corruptions rose in Bidhan Market; Minister raises voice

Siliguri, 13th July (Shubhankar Paul)

Accusations of corruptions have been raised against the construction of shops in Bidhan Market. It was reported that 7 shops were burnt to ashes in the horrific fire in Bidhan Market a few days ago. Accusations of corruption against the sale of 22 new shops for crores of rupees, which were constructed instead of the reconstruction of those 7 shops, have been made.

Minister Gautam Deb, along with Councillor Nantu Pal, visited Bidhan Market, today. He sternly mentioned that the shops which were constructed illegally in the government land would be demolished with the help of a J.C.B. He added that he would demolish the shops in his presence if necessary and would even hold a meeting with the Chief Minister regarding this matter.

On the other hand, Councillor Nantu Pal stated that these shops were illegally constructed by the Market Committee. He further added that the land, in which these shops were constructed, belongs to S.J.D.A. and the Municipal Corporation should have been aware of such situations.

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