Accusations of conflicts rise again between Trinamool in Pilkhana area of ​​Coochbehar

There was a stir in Gudiyahati, 1 number gram panchayat Pilkhana area of Cooch Behar- Block number 1, this morning once again between Trinamool Congress and Trinamool Yuva Congress. Due to the conflict, there was incidents reported of destruction and arson carried out by both sides. On behalf of both the parties, allegations were raised against each other. As soon as the information was received, Kotwali police reached the scene and got the situation under control.

It was noted that on Friday, Trinamool Youth Congress was accused of assaulting panchayat member Rinku Khatoon and her husband Najir Hussain. Both of them are currently undergoing treatment at MJN Hospital. On Saturday morning, a scuffle took place between Pilkhana local Trinamool youth member Ashraful Alam and Trinamool Congress leader Manwar Hussain. Manwar Hussain has been accused of burning Trinamool Youth Congress member Ashraful Alam's house on fire. Later the fire engines came and the fire was controlled.

Meanwhile, Manwar Hussain's father, Nazir Hussain, said that the allegations are false and also said that Ashraful Alam had set the fire on his own and had framed Manwar Hussain.

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