Accusations of attack in the house of a member of T.M.C.P. in Cooch Behar  

Cooch Behar, 8th July

The members of A.B.V.P, a right-wing of all India student organisation, have been accused of attacking the house of Riya Nandi, a member of Trinamool Chhatra Parishad and a student of Cooch Behar College. On Monday, Minister Rabindranath Ghosh visited Riya Nandi’s house to gather information regarding the matter.

The Minister accused the members of A.B.V.P. of attacking Riya Nandi’s house. When her father tried to intervene in this matter, the goons brawled with him as well, and this led to Riya’s father’s hand being broken. A case has been filed regarding the incident in the Police Station.

Meanwhile, the members of A.B.V.P. have claimed the accusations to be false.

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