ABVP's new branch committee formed in Kamakhyaghuri Shaheed Khudiram College

After winning the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has started paying attention to the formation of a student organization in colleges. ABVP has constituted a new branch committee at Kamakhyaguri Shaheed Khudiram College of Kumargram Block. Abhijeet Devnath and Mahendra Barman have been elected as the Chairman and General Secretary of this committee.

It is known that in the last several years Shaheed Khudiram college was the organization of Trinamool Congress. ABVP had no existence in the college after the student parliament election. After the announcement of the results of the Lok Sabha elections, the student organization of BJP has become active.

However, today when the members of ABVP tried to enter the college through the rally, the police stopped those people. Later, members of ABVP told the college President the formation of the committee through the police from outside the college.

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