96 live Bombs recovered field the ground in Malda

A lot of bombs have been recovered by the police on Saturday afternoon from a field next to the Khosalpur area of ​​Vaishnavnagar police station in Malda. With this, the police have gathered in on the investigation of the incident.

It is known that on the basis of the news from secret sources, the Vaishnavnagar Police searched a field adjacent to Khosalpur under Vaishnavnagar police station of Bakhrabad Gram Panchayat of Malda, and recovered 7 buckets and 5 jerkins of which had 96 live bombs.

Before the Durga Pooja, there was a stir in the entire area due to the incident after so many live bombs were recovered. Meanwhile, the CID bomb squad was called to disable all the bombs.

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