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70 year old rescued and sent to Old Age Home

A 70 year old elder Ramanichandra Das, who was imprisoned in the house for ten years, was brought to the old age home on Friday by a voluntary organization. This old man was living in Alipurduar junction for the last 10 years in a broken house.

Members of the local Alipurduar Junction Culture Club used to feed him due to which he was able to pass his life in some way, but for the past few days, his health was getting worse. This information was received by an NGO called Alipurduar Manbik Mukh.

Members of the institution served the elderly and heard the difficult story of his life. The house of Ramnichandra Das was in Alipurduar junction area. He lived there with his wife and son and daughter. About 14 years ago, his son, Indrajit Das, left home after selling all the land.

His daughter and wife also went despising him. Since then, he started living in the abandoned house. On behalf of the NGO, Ratul Ghosh said that the elderly has been sent to an old age home of Birapara.

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