7 Coochbehar Municipality Employees Arrested Over Corruption Charges

Seven employees of the Coochbehar Municipality, including two engineers, have reportedly been arrested by the police over the charges of corruption.

The prime accused of the corruption charge are the Municipality’s former Chairperson, Reba Kundu, and her son cum Councillor, Subhjeet Kundu; but the police has not been able to arrest the duo so far.

The Municipality was shut down today to protest against the arrest of the seven employees; which led to the tension that is still lingering in the area.

Last year, a resident of Coochbehar named Samrat Kundu had lodged a complaint accusing Reba Kundu and Subhjeet Kundu of swindling crores of money that had been sanctioned for road construction in Bhawaniganj Bazaar.

The seven people were arrested in connection to the same scandal. However, the present Chairman of the Municipality, Bhushan Singh, has refused to give any statement.

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