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60-year-old man accused of repeatedly raping a student, arrested

A fifth class student has accused a 60-year-old man of raping her repeatedly after finding her alone. This shameful incident belongs to Ekalarchara village of Gopalpul zone under Cooch Behar-2 of Pundibari police station. The relatives of the assaulted victim has filed a written compliant in the Pundibari police station regarding the incident on the basis of which the police has arrested the accused.

It has been reported that the father of the said student is dead and her mother works as a cook in a private school. It is alleged that when the student’s mother used to go to work, the accused Choru Burman used to rush to her house and rape her.

When the student’s mother got suspicious, she took her to the doctor, after which the whole incident came to light. The girl is currently undergoing treatment at Cooch Behar MJN Hospital. Here, after the complaint was filed by the girl’s mother, the police arrested the accused and started with the further proceedings.

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