55-year-old man accused of raping class 3 student in Malda

A 55-year-old man has been charged with raping a student of Class III in the Bachamari area of ​​Malda. On Tuesday night, after the incident, an agitated mob caught and handed the accused to Malda police.

Based on the complaint of the girl’s mother on Wednesday, the police arrested the accused Bhudev Mandal and presented him in the court.

It is alleged that from 8th last month, Bhudev Mandal used to lure a girl from his own area with money and take her back to his place and rape her. The accused threatened the girl saying that if she tells anyone about it, then he will kill her. On Tuesday, when Bhudev Mandal called the girl, the girl’s family members got suspicious.

The accused did not say anything at first, but after getting assaulted, he spewed the whole truth. After this the local people informed the incident to the police. Police have arrested the accused.

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