5 Gram Panchayat members join Trinamool Congress

Cooch Behar, 24th September: 5 members of Haribhanga Gram Panchayat of BJP from the Cooch Behar Dakshin Vidhan Sabha Kendra joined hands with Trinamool Congress. All of them joined the party under the leadership of Dakshin Vidhan Sabha Kendra MLA, Mihir Goswami, at Coochbehar Dharam Sabha.

According to the information received, all these panchayat members and one panchayat committee member were from the Trinamool Congress party. These people joined BJP after the Lok Sabha elections, but joined hands with Trinamool Congress, again, on Monday.

MLA Mihir Goswami alleged that there are 9 Gram Panchayats under Dakshin Vidhan Sabha. After the Lok Sabha elections, BJP had intimidated the members of these Gram Panchayats to join hands with BJP, out of which 19 Panchayat members of Haribhanga Gram Panchayat were included and they all belonged to Trinamool Congress. Today, 5 members joined hands with Trinamool Congress, again.

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