46 number Ward Trinamool Congress Committee comes to the help of youth unable to get treatment due to financial constraints

Umesh Sharma (28), resident of Anandamoyee Colony, located at Champasari Mod, Siliguri, was given a Wheel Chair on behalf of 46 number ward Trinamool Congress Committee today.

During this time, the Committee Chairman MD Zahur, Vice President Nikhil Ghosh, Secretary Sanjay Gupta, Women President Mallika Debnath etc. were present.

It is known that Umesh Sharma is paralyzed and that's why he has been in bed for the last three years. It was not possible for the family to raise the cost of treatment of Umesh due to their poor financial conditions. When members of the 46 Ward Committee got information on this, they immediately arranged to provide Umesh a wheel chair.

It is reported that number 46 ward Trinamool Congress committee will continue to help for Umesh's treatment.

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