4 arrested after killing their friend for 50 thousand rupees

Malda, 18th October: Sensation prevailed after 4 youths were accused of killing their friend, Nurzamal (33) for 50 thousand rupees. The police have arrested the 4 accused identified as Rabiul Islam, Rajkumar Naresh, Shakil Ansari Rahman, and Suman Rafik. All of them are residents of Gazole, Malda.

It was reported that the 4 accused went to work in Gujarat a few months ago. The Gujarat police recovered the body of Nurzamal with a slit throat in Ahmedabad on October 9.

The four young men fled away along with his mobile after killing him. Then they inserted a new sim card on his phone in the Kumedpur area of Harischandrapur district. The police got the location by tapping the deceased’s phone. Immediately, the Gujarat police contacted the Harishchandrapur police station after which they were arrested.

The arrested were produced at the Chanchal Sub-divisional court today. According to sources, they will be taken in transit remand to Ahmedabad.

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