27th Nepali Basha Manyata Diwas

Kalchini, 20th August: Today is regarded as an important day for Indian Gorkhas living all over the country and the world. It was a moment of achievement for the Indian Nepali (Gorkhas) when on 20th August 1992 the constitution of Indian gave recognition to Nepali language in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. Every year 20th August is celebrated by the Indian Nepali (Gorkhas) as ‘Nepali Bhasha Manyata Diwas’.

Like many other places, 27th Nepali Bhasha Manyata Diwas (Nepali Language Recognition Day) was celebrated in Raimtang in Kalchini. Language activist and educationist Dr. Mohan P Dahal graced the program as the Chief Guest. Apart from this, prominent figures including Kurseong Radio's Chief Program Executive Paras Chandra Allay and Board Chairman Mohan Sharma were present. Speakers on this occasion elaborated on the invaluable contribution of the activists and commemorated the struggle of those visionary and revolutionary Gorkhas who fought to provide Nepali language in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution, thereby fulfilling the aspirations of millions of Gorkhas living in different states of India.

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