200 crore development work after rain - Rabindranath Ghosh

Due to the monsoon, development work such as road construction and restoration has been postponed in North Bengal. On Friday, North Bengal Development Minister Rabindranath Ghosh said the above in Uttarkanya.

The Minister said that the development work of about two hundred crore will be started after the monsoon are over.He said that due to panchayat elections, the tender for development works of about Rs. 300 crores could not be issued. Other works are being started except road construction work.

On the other hand, the minister said that the construction work of Siliguri Gate at a cost of about Rs. 4 crore and expenditure of the construction of resort by spending Rs. 8 crores in Duars would be completed as soon as possible.

Apart from this, Rs. 2 crores will be spent for construction of the Chief Minister's office and residence on Darjeeling's Richmond Hill. In Kalimpong, 23 kilometer long road will be constructed from Labha-Lelegaon.

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