17-day-old girl dies due to delay in reaching hospital in Coochbehar

Unable to reach the hospital in the right time, a 17-day-old child died. The incident took place with Rafiqul Islam, a resident of Mouvamari of Cooch Behar-1 number block. It is alleged that despite repeated calls to 102 numbers, the ambulance did not come, due to which the girl had to be taken to the hospital in a Toto, but the child died immediately after reaching the hospital. On Saturday, a complaint letter has been handed over to Cooch Behar MJN Hospital in this regard. The family members alleged that if the child was brought to the hospital in the right time, her life could have been saved.

In the details of the incident, it has been learned that Azima Bibi, wife of Rafiqul Islam, a resident of Mouvamari of Cooch Behar-1 number block, gave birth to twin girls 17 days ago. At 11 o’clock on Friday morning, after a child’s health deteriorated, Azima Bibi called an ambulance at 102, but the allegation is that the ambulance refused to come. However, in one year since childbirth, the government rule is to give free ambulance  services. After this, the child was taken on a Toto to the hospital immediately. It is known that while visiting the hospital, the health of Azima Bibi began to worsen in the Sutkabadi area, the local people extended their help and decided to organize a vehicle. On the other hand, the girl reached the hospital at 3 ‘o’ clock. Doctors in the hospital declared the baby dead.

Azima Bibi says that even after this the ambulance driver was misbehaving. Azima Bibi told that later when she asked the ambulance driver to drop the dead baby and her home, then the driver asked her to get down from the ambulance. Later on when the driver of the vehicle, Anwar Hussain was called, he came and brought Azima Bibi home. Anwar Hussain alleged that he was also attempted to be stopped by some ambulance drivers, despite which he somehow brought Azima Bibi home.

In this regard, Superintendent of Cooch Behar MJN Hospital Jaydev Burman said that such incidents should not be happening. The government has the rule of giving services to the child under one year. In this regard, a show-cause notice has been issued to the Ambulance Agency. Stringent steps will be taken against the accused.

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