15 family members join TMC in Naxalbari

Naxalbari, 09th December: 15 family members have joined the Trinamool Congress in the Satbhaiya area under the Naxalbari zone.

A large number of activists were present on the occasion, including Naxalbari 2 Trinamool President Prithvish Roy, Naxalbari Zonal President Arun Ghosh, and Viren Sarkar.

Prithvish Roy and Arun Ghosh welcomed everyone to the party by handing them the party flags. Ghosh stated that 15 families of Satbhaiya have left other parties and joined hands with Trinamool Congress in view of NRC and other issues.
The new members of the party stated that the Trinamool government is working in view of the public interest, which is why they joined hands with them.

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