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18 Mar

TMC Holds Protests In Chopra, Demands Increase Of Raw Tea Leaves’ Price


The Chopra Block Committee of the Trinamool Congress held a protest by blocking the national highway 31 while they demanded an increase in the price of the raw tea leaves.

On Friday, the tea workers protested by gathering around the Advisory Officer of the Tea Council. The protest was led by Chopra’s MLA, Hamidul Rahman.

It has been alleged that the Bought Leaf Factory and the Tea Council have been depriving the workers of various facilities with each passing year.

Workers shared that the Bought Leaf Factory gives a lesser price than the fixed amount of Rs 11.40 per kilos. In the past few days, the tea workers have been getting less than Rs. 3 or 4 per kilos for the tea leaves. 

Hamidul Rahman shared that the Tea Council has also not taken any steps to resolve the issue, forcing the tea workers to stage a protest. He also said that the TMC, the Workers Union and the Planters Association will intensify the demonstrations if the issue is not resolved soon.

TMC’s District Executive Head of the Workers Union, Prem Kamal Ray Chaudhary, Worker’s Leader Kalu Singh and others were also present during the protest.

Meanwhile, the Tea Council’s Advisory Officer, Suman Chakrabarty shared that the allegations against the plantation owners are baseless.

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