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23 May

Sukna Clash Arrests: Slogans For Undivided Bengal Echo Outside Court Premises


Salbari resident Nitin Chettri and Nepal’s Ilam district residnent Fagoo Limbu were arrested by the police last night for their alleged involvement in the clash that had raged between the police and the pro-Gorkhaland protesters in Sukna.

The Pradhan Nagar police brought the two accused at the court today. There, the people protesting against the partition of Bengal gathered outside the court premises and raised slogans in support of an undivided Bengal in front of the police. 

During this, slogans against GJM supremo Bimal Gurung and Maoism also rang through the streets. Along with this, the demonstrators also raised slogans about how Gorkhaland will never achieve statehood.

The situation was brought under control only when the police went and told the people that such demonstrations are not allowed near the court premises. 

The protesters then stood in front of the main entrance of the court. Additional police forces were summoned and the two accused were escorted out with tight security. 


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