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23 Feb
Story of Siliguri Rickshaw Puller

Story of Siliguri Rickshaw Puller

Siliguri Times Aug 09, 2015

On the Streets of Siliguri

We Salute such Heroes

I feel privileged to take his rickshaw today.

This man was a truck driver. He lost his arm in an accident. He was at home struggling with this. Being a poor man he was worried about food. He managed to buy a rickshaw. Practiced day and night to ride a rickshaw. He managed. He did not choose the option of begging. He says: “Why shall I beg when God left me with three more limbs. I lost only one. I have three more left, stronger than the one I lost.”

It was even more. I paid him much more than he asked for. When a lady begged me money he gave some of the money I gave him and said, ” she needs it, she is like a mother. “.

Salute to such people. I feel proud that I came across such a hero.

Courtesy :- Maria Deefay

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