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18 Mar

Siliguri Municipality Commences Investigation In Dog Meat Biryani Case


A shop has been shut down now after people protested outside it when the allegation of it serving dog meat in the biryani surfaced last night. The incident has been reported from Ghogomali in Siliguri.

It has been found that a person had purchased the biryani from the shop last night. On consuming it, the meat tasted off. The person was then told that the meat that was being consumed was of a dog.

The people staged a protest outside the shop and calmed down later when the Asighar police arrived. It has now been found that the Siliguri Municipal Corporation has now commenced an investigation in the case.

It has been reported that a team of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation went to review the accused shop today. The delegation also spoke with the employees of the shop. 

The Food Inspector of the SMC, Ganesh Bhattacharya, confirmed the news of the corporation initiating the investigation. According to Bhattacharya, the SMC will now be reviewing all eateries of the city.

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