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25 Apr

Siliguri Dist. Hospital Accused Of Killing 11-Month Baby, Police Controls Situation


Yet again, the Siliguri District Hospital has been blamed for killing a child by being careless in his treatment. The incident took place on Tuesday night and led to such chaos in the hospital premises that the police was summoned to control the situation. 

Reports state that a woman named Biren Singh, who is a resident of Jyoti Nagar in Siliguri’s Ward 41, had admitted her 11-months old baby at the Siliguri District Hospital on Sunday as her child had difficulty breathing. 

On Tuesday, the child underwent blood transfusion and started shaking uncontrollably later. He died a short while after that. 

Biren Singh has alleged that her child’s blood transfusion was done wrong as the doctor was not present there at the time. The child’s death caused tension in the hospital premises and Municipal Corporation’s opposition leader Ranjan Sarkar, BJP leader Mahanand Mandal as well as few other people also arrived at the scene. 

The IC of Siliguri Police Station, Dewashish Basu, reached the hospital and stabilized the situation. Based on the victim family’s accusation of negligence, a probe has now commenced in the case.

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