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25 Apr

Raiganj BSNL’s Temp. Workers Protest With Dead Worker’s Body, Roads Blocked


A temporary worker of the BSNL in Raiganj named Kajal Sarkar, who was laid-off from the company, died at the Raiganj Super Specialty Hospital. Sarkar worked as the temporary worker at BSNL for 15 years, but he stopped getting his salary from 2016- because of which he could not even get himself medically treated properly in his last days. 

The temporary workers whose wages were suddenly stopped have staged a series of protests from November 2016 and have even been helped by the INTTUC, but financial weakness has made life very difficult for over 150 workers- one of which was Kajal Sarkar. 



Sarkar had been admitted at the Raiganj Super Specialty Hospital on Monday night due to a stomach ailment. He passed away the same night and was visited for the last time by INTTUC’s District President, Arindam Sarkar.

Arindam Sarkar said that Kajal Sarkar died because of the state government’s wrong schemes and because of being ignored by the BSNL. Kajal Sarkar’s dead body was taken by the laid-off temporary workers of BSNL to Raiganj’s Siliguri More today, where they blocked the road and protested with his corpse. 

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