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20 Feb

People Unable To Commute Via Mechi River After Water Level Rises


The heavy monsoon showers have affected life and activity for India and Nepal as the people who commute between these countries via waterways are helpless after Mechi River’s water level recorded an increase. 

The Mechi River, that is near Debiganj, flows in the middle of the Indo-Nepal border. A lot of people travel via the river to reach the other country from the areas of Khoribari’s Dangujot, Sindhyajot, Dubajot, Debiganj, Sonapindi and areas of Bihar. 

The Mechi River can only be crossed with the help of boats. But today, the increased water level caused the boat services to be suspended until further notice. 

A boat-operator, Tufani Gupta said, “The rise in the water level of Mechi has made it very difficult for us to power a boat in it. All operations have been suspended because it is very dangerous to be in the river right now.”

Vikram, who trades in Nepal, said, “The traffic going towards Nepal gets badly affected when the water level rises in the river. We are unable to reach the market to earn our daily livelihood.”

Most of all, the women and children have to suffer. During the monsoons, it gets very difficult for them to use the route because of the dangers attached with it.

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