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18 Mar

Patient Dies Due To Wrong Treatment At Raiganj’s Nursing Home


A private nursing home that is situated in front of the Raiganj Station was vandalized by the enraged family members of a patient who allegedly died due to wrong treatment and the absence of doctors, sources report.

It has been found that a resident of the Karnjora Sarkari Avasan named Jayant Burman was taken to the nursing home on Monday night because of he suffered from ulcer and stomach pain.

Burman, who was a government employee, was operated in the nursing home; following which the nursing home management claimed that he had recovered.

Today, a relative of Burman noticed that the latter was being given various medicines. Moreover, a nurse told the relative that Burman was going to be referred to another hospital. 

Shortly after that, Jayant Burman passed away. According to the relatives, no doctor was present in the nursing home during the time of Burman’s death.

The grieving family members of Burman turned their anger towards vandalizing the hospital. The situation was brought under control after the Raiganj Police arrived and intervened.

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