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18 Mar
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One Arrested For Killing Civic Volunteer’s Wife In Malda


The wife of a civic volunteer was killed for she protested against her husband being forced sign on the papers that would give away his land to another person. The incident took place in the Bajitpur locality of Ratua in Malda. 

The civic volunteer, Sanatan Ghosh, is a resident of Bajitpur who had purchased 2.5 bighas of land in Mandalpara, Bhaluka around two years back. A Bhaluka resident named Suklala Saha wanted to claim the land, which is why a dispute brewed between him and Ghosh.

A complaint had been filed at the Ratua Police Station in connection to the dispute; following which Saha had started passing death threats for Ghosh’s family. 

Saha hired goons and attacked Ghosh’s house late on Sunday night. He tried to force Ghosh to sign on the papers that would make Saha the rightful owner of the land.

When Ghosh’s wife, Khushboo, spoke out against this, her throat was slit to kill her. The police received the news and went to recover the dead body.

According to police sources, a man Bhavesh Mahaldar has been arrested by the police over the accusation of attacking Ghosh’s house. The police is still hunting for the main accused in the case.

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