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18 Mar

“There Are No Problems With The Chhath Puja Ghats Except In Ward 5”- Minister Goutam Deb


Mass confusion had spread among the people ever since the Green Tribunal instructed the Chhath Puja Ghats, i.e. piers, to be constructed at a distance from the River Mahananda. 

While speaking to the media at the PWD Bungalow in Siliguri, the state’s Tourism Minister, Goutam Deb, said that all the Chhath Puja Ghats of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation and the added areas comply with the instructions of the Green Tribunal except the one in Ward 5.

“In other areas, the devotees can enter the river till three feet for their rituals. But the major issues lie in Ward 5. There, the tent will be set up 3.5 feet away from the river bed so that the Puja can be seamlessly performed at the river bank. All Puja committees can construct their platforms and similar features here. These orders are strict,” said Tourism Minister Goutam Deb.


The Minister further said, “We had a word with the Bihari Kalyan Manch and other associations too. The state government is assuring their complete support.”

Tomorrow, the Minister will be holding a meeting with the departments of PWD, SJDA, SMC and NBDD to discuss the Puja preparations at 12pm. He also said that the state government has declared 26th October to be a holiday in light of the Chhath Puja.

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