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23 Feb

Newborn and Child Care Clinic launched in Siliguri to cater to the health of newborn babies and children

শিলিগুড়ি টাইমস প্রতিনিধি May 03, 2017

SILIGURI: Aimed at providing the best health services for newborns, children and adolescents, Newborn and Child Care Clinic was recently inaugurated in Siliguri. With the launch of the clinic health care services for newborns and children from Siliguri and areas near Siliguri has become easier.

The clinic is dedicated to offer the best health services for newborns, children and adolescents, keeping in mind the comfort level for both children and parents.

Located in main Burdwan Road, below Allahabad Bank, Near Senco Jewellers and Sony Centre, the clinic will offer checkups and consultations in all seven days of the week. The clinic has all the vaccines available on demand while vaccination services will be offered everyday throughout the week. The clinic also has a separate breast feeding room for new mothers to feed their babies.

Newborn and Child Care Clinic also provides detailed anthropometry measurements, nebulisation facilities as well as regular dietary counselling by experts and spirometry checkups.

The clinic has been set up with pleasant and comfortable sitting arrangements for both the parents and children. Children can play various games in the play area as well. The clinic also has a pantry, neat and clean washrooms and innovative baby friendly design to help make the treatment experience easier and better for the children.

Trained and experienced staffs, good parking facilities, superb and easy to reach location are unique features of the clinic. A pharmacy is also located close by, making it convenient to get medicines at the earliest. Paediatric super specialists from various parts of the country will conduct monthly clinics.

With Dr. Prince Parakh at the helm, the dedicated paediatric clinic strongly believes that quality in healthcare should increase and improve day by day.


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