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25 Apr

Malda Woman Allegedly Runs Sex Racket With Daughters, Locals Seek Police Help


A woman of the Puratuli Bandhrod locality of Malda has been accused of running a prostitution racket from her residence with her two daughters. Seeing no way of making the flesh trade stop in their area, the residents approached the police for their help on Monday night and filed a complaint in the issue.

According to the locals, the accused woman’s husband, Nepal Das, stays out of the house due to his business. His wife, Nupur Das, stays with her two daughter and a son. It has been alleged that  Nupur runs the sex racket with her daughters and that people start arriving at their residence as soon as the sun sets. 

The locals say that they had warned the daughters against the illegal business, but the girls paid no attention to their words. The mother was warned too, but she responded with abuses instead. 

The Englishbazaar Police has not arrested anyone yet, but they stated that a close eye is being kept on the house and the case is being investigated. 

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