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25 Apr
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Major steps taken for the development of North Bengal Medical College and hospital


A meeting was organised by Patient Welfare Committee of North Bengal Medical College  and hospital.  This meeting was attended by Goutam Deb , the minister of North Bengal development; Pannikar Harishankar, SDO of Siliguri and Dr. Maytyree KAR, Dean of North Bengal Medical College. In this meeting major decisions were taken for the development of North Bengal Hospital. An underground reservoir would be launched to solve the problems regarding fire. For this, a fund of worth rupees 4.7 crores has been accepted. Apart from this, it has been said that 5 crores would be invested for developing the complex of Medical hospital. Also, Rupees 125 crores has been planned to invest for providing better facilities to the patients. An amount worth 62 crores would be invested to purchase latest modern machines. As a matter of fact, Medical College will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. In this context, a meeting has been organised on 10th June to discuss various upcoming programs. Goutam Deb, has said that a large amount of money has been provided by the State government to ensure the  development of North Bengal Medical College and hospital.

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