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22 Feb

Late Sub-Inspector Amitabh Mullick: A Bank Official Who Decided To Join The Police Department


It is not easy to be in the police department. The police is compelled to carry on working with a constant threat to their lives looming over their heads. One cannot predict when a police official would die while being on the line of duty. 

Sub-Inspector Amitabh Mullick, who left a job at the bank to join the police department, was one of these police officials. He was loved dearly by his family and he had recently tied the knot. Amitabh Mullick had always loved the hills. And last night, he passed away during the time he was in the hills.

One bullet caused immeasurable damage to many lives. The pain that has gripped the hearts of Amitabh Mullick’s dear ones cannot even be imagined.

After the Sub-Inspector passed away last night, his Facebook page has been flooded by his friends and family as they shared their cherished moments and memories on his profile. 

Amitabh Mullick’s brave sacrifice of his own life serves as an appropriate response to the people who question the role and morality of the police.

The nation salutes you, Sub-Inspector Amitabh Mullick.

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