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18 Mar
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Jalpaigur’s NGO Organises Seminar To Curb Human Trafficking


An NGO named ‘Jalpaiguri Inspire’ organized a seminar to tackle social issues like human trafficking, child marriage and sexual abuse at the Ambari-Falakata Cintamohon High School on Friday.

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The seminar highlighted the survey of 2013, according to which 19,000 women and children were reported to be missing in West Bengal. The NGO shed light on the fact that almost all districts of the state are vulnerable to human trafficking.

In South Bengal, the areas of 24 Parganas suffer from a high human trafficking rate. In the North, Jalpaiguri, Coochbehar, North and South Dinajpur, Malda and Darjeeling are on the same level.

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Jalpaiguri Inspire NGO’s seminar was attended by around 500 students. The session also held a discussion on child marriage that emphasized the ill effects of the practice on minor and teenage girls.

Along with this, the topics of female education and empowerment, adult education and sexual abuse were addressed as well.

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