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18 Mar
torsha river

Jaigaon: Bhutan Warns India About Torsha River’s Rising Water Level


The Bhutan administration has issued a warning to the Indian administration about the dangerously increasing water-level of Jaigaon’s Torsha River that has been caused by the heavy monsoon showers.

Biraj Mukherjee, In-Charge of Jaigaon Police Station, has already warned the people who live near the river and in the lower lands to be alert and prepared. 

Moreover, the administration has instructed the people of GP 1 and GP 2 to especially exercise caution in the night.

Along with this, Panchayat member Sangita Singh Rathore arranged for a miking session in the area to make the people aware and alert about the situation.

The Head of GP 2, Pasang Diki Sherpa said, “Life and activity have been disrupted because of the constant, heavy rains. With the increase in Torsha River’s water level, the threat of a flood is more serious now.”

“The people have been warned to stay alert and exercise caution. They have also been given the contact numbers of officials that they can reach out to during the times of emergencies,” Pasang Diki Sherpa added.

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