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21 Jun

BJP Workers Protest In Front Of Malangi Gram Panchayat Office In Malda


A protest was held by the workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party in front of the Malangi Gram Panchayat Office as they demanded the wages for 100 days of work and for toilets to be constructed under the Nirmal Bangla Mission in Malda.

When the workers reached the office today to submit their demands, they found that the Panchayat Head and the Deputy Head were not present in the office. This forced them to start the protest.

BJP’s state leader, Pradip Kujur, stated that the poor people of the Gram Panchayat only get 24 days of work in a year and that their wages have been outstanding since several days.

The people had submitted Rs. 900 to the Panchayat Head for the construction of the toilets but the toilets have also not been constructed till now. The workers shared that they had complained to the Panchayat Head on October 9.

The workers shared that they will come to the office again on October 16. They will stage the dharna, where they will sit down to protest in front of the office, if the Panchayat Head will not be present during that time.

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