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23 Feb
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18 hours Road block at Aambari now open


Since last evening, railway track repair-work at Rail-Gate: NN2, near Aambari station had blocked almost 100 vehicles coming from Malbazaar, Udlabari, Chalsa, Vanarhat, Binaguri, Falakata en-route Aambari. The repair-work is completed now and the traffic is clearing.

Many private vehicles, buses, trucks and other heavy vehicles were blocked due to this repair work. There was not any room even for the cycles to pass. This has caused much trouble for everyone, including the locals. A local road-side tea-stall owner, Sushil Acharya said that because his business depends entirely on the travellers, his business has been greatly due to the road block.

Another road which connects Aambari to Siliguri, Jalpaiguri and Belakopa is closed for the past one year. This is road is closed because the bridge over Kartua river is not strong enough to sustain the weight of heavy vehicles. Therefore, all the vehicles coming from Aambari to Siliguri are compelled to used the road crossing Rail-Gate: NN2.

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